Our Technology Audit will highlight bad code, security holes and performance issues.

Is your app at breaking point? Let us check your infrastructure and platform. Our findings will save you money and help you scale properly.

Our Technology Audit includes:

● Code Level Analysis
● Data Architecture Analysis
● Security Audit
● Load Testing
● Deployment Process Review
● Merchant Security Audit – PCI Compliance
● Server-Level Encryption Review
● Server Hardening Audit
● Operating System Audit
● Access/Permissions Review
● Passwords Protocol and Policy Review

Meet Our Team

Thomas Radosh - Founder

Thomas has more than 20 years of IT experience, delivering complex solutions to clients such as Vodafone, the Saudi Arabian Government and Canaree.

As a Cloud technology evangelist, Thomas has helped many clients transform their legacy systems into modern Cloud-based solutions, and helped them to scale properly.

He holds multiple certifications from cloud vendors such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Case Studies

Our Framework

You can be involved in the development process as much as you like from the go word till product release, participating in the whole development cycle, controlling the process and making corrections at any stage of design and development.











Cloud Transformation /Automation

Accelerate your business through technology and take your company to the modern Cloud Era with our help, so you can focus on your business while we do the technology heavy-lifting.

With an ambitious and yet achievable digital transformation roadmap we will help you quantify the value gained for your business through technology, select right technology stack, design reference architecture and guide your digital journey every step of the way.


It’s important to work with reputable IT managed service providers in the UK. Don’t just hire the first service provider you find without verifying their experience, qualifications, and reputation.

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Here at Deployflow, our goal has always been focused on being in the best possible position to help our customers grow