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A Fintech startup had been building an innovative platform together with offshore development team. However the change in legal requirements had required rapid adaptation of the code and infrastrucutre. Being a forward-thinking business, it was imperative they came up with a solution to quickly and effectively address the platform limitations, within a small timeframe as well as deal with the external technology limitations they had with external suppliers. We joined in the development phase, as they had begun building the product with an offshore development team.

Company Challenge

Keeping up with advancing technologies as well as handling technical limitations from their external suppliers and vendors. Keeping a finger on the pulse of modern IT infrastructure was imperative for this client as their company is leading the way in the fast-paced Fintech industry. A redesign was eventually required to help tackle these issues the client was facing.


To be able to adjust the infrastructure on their platform by redesigning the platform within a small timeframe, as well as address the limitations being faced from external suppliers and vendors.


We decided to implement Terraform to automate AWS infrastructure developments, and together with Bitbucket pipelines and Octopus deployment, we optimised the delivery process which ultimately allowed for the remote teams to deliver faster, despite their geographical distances.


The results for this client were great and meant they could pick up their development speed once more and help deliver to market faster:

  • It gave them the ability to adapt quickly to challenges from suppliers and external vendors.
  • Adjust the platform to meet the security requirements with no repetitiveness.
  • Enabled them to set up new environments quickly, that match the master.
  • Any future changes can be instantly replicated across environments, removing issues and delays.

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