Our partners and clients

Our core business value ensures we are collaborative and keep the client at the forefront of everything we do. Fom initial consultation, through to delivery and transformation, everything we do has our client’s business needs at the heart of it. Using cutting-edge, innovative techniques, we are able to develop streamlined applications that are secure, and aim to significantly improve our client’s business processes.

Meet our partners

Google Cloud
Google Cloud is a great alternative to AWS and Azure and they have unique offering that allows us to push our clients solutions further
Market leader in Cloud offering and with ever growing solutions we are excited to see how we can help our customers grow
INEA is the leading Data Centre and Internet provider in Poland and we are excited about the services they offer to our customers
SSO is a must for any modern business and no one does it better then Okta, and we are excited to help our customers
Terraform is a key product that we are using in day to day with our customers, but other offerings are exceptional
Through our Silver Partnership Level we are able to provide Office365, Azure and other services to our customers to allow them exceptional service