Cloud transformation

IT infrastructure has rapidly evolved in recent years, with security being the focus of the industry evolution. With the need to store information in a more dynamic and secure environment, more and more smaller businesses are switching to ‘the Cloud’ for both ease of mind and opportunity for growth

Cloud technology

It allows users to connect remotely, giving business owners and employees the flexibility to work anywhere, whilst focusing on growing their business. It also enables a lot more opportunities, like using the self-explanatory ‘Serverless model’ instead of traditional servers.

Whilst some may view the Cloud as ‘just another data centre’- in it’s purest form it is a data centre- it also allows for so much more development and growth, compared to a client-server.


A growing opportunity

Like most things, cloud platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses, but understanding the workload is critical to make the best business decision. There is also growing opportunity to use with cross-cloud platform, where there is a need to spread the load across different providers.

However, with the need to share resources, the business may need to look at taking different approaches.

Migrating to the cloud

The migration from an ‘on-premise’ to cloud is not as simple as just switching over. There will need to be an assessment of resources and workloads in order to optimise the cloud deployment. Additionally, it’s important to understand that putting items into cloud doesn’t remove the responsibility for business continuity, as well as backups. Whilst supported by Cloud providers, those items are still the responsibilty of the individual business.


Anywhere access


Elastic capacity

Disaster recovery

Automatic software updates

Rapid deployment

A Fintech company had gained success very quickly and begun to struggle to quickly adjust its infrastructure on the platform they had created, in an effective manner to meet the requirements.

Terraform and your CI/CD workflows

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