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With opening our office in Poland, we are truly excited about the new partnership we have with INEA – Polish market leader in internet and #datacentre offerings. We are a strong believer in using public cloud services but understand that there is always a demand and requirements to enable private cloud and data centre services that INEA offers are a right fit for a lot of our clients. More importantly with us entering the Polish market we believe having the right local partner allows us to be even more competitive in providing the right solutions.
INEA market leader position in both Data Centre services and Internet connectivity is a great addition to our projects allowing us to enable end-to-end solutions for our clients. Their fibre connections provide the fastest, highest quality and resilient service for customers all over Poland. We are especially excited about their offering of Veeam backup solutions allowing our customers to enable modern offsite backup solution instantly. We see as well with both Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud launching their new regions in Poland the market is ready for the Cloud transformation service that we at Deployflow have been delivering to businesses for years. Our services help companies to build, scale and deploy cloud solutions with our top-class engineers, who are experienced on #AWS, #Azure, and #googlecloud. We are looking forward to the new opportunities those partnerships enable for Deployflow. If you would like to discuss your requirements or maybe you would like to find out how Deployflow could help your organisation, please do get in touch!



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Jared de Bruyin Cloud & Devops Specialist

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