DevSecOps and your business

DevOps is a set of software development practices that combines software development (Dev) and information technology operations (Ops) to optimise the delivery of a product, solution or platform. Much like a production line in a factory, the ‘product’ moves along a conveyor belt, with developers working on it at different stages before it is ready for the end customer, with very little interaction.

DevSecOps is much the same process but with a focus on security throughout the planning, production and deployment stages. This approach requires a change in the existing processes as well as the introduction of tools that allow for automation.

Seamless Optimization

It’s imperative that the CI or CD process is well defined and controlled, in order to avoid issues like deploying test to a production environment. Our expert team ensures that each stage of the process is optimised and operates seamlessly, to ensure efficient and cost-saving at every point of the journey.

Optimizing infrastructure

The tools used during the whole process take the code written and developed and deploy it to the infrastructure. This process is often referred to as CI or CD which stands for ‘Continues Integration’ or ‘Continues Delivery/deployment’


Ensure faster time-to-market that improves ROI

Improve collaboration between teams

Stable/reliable operating environments

Early detection and faster correction of defects

Continuous Release and Deployment

Time to focus

A Fintech company had gained success very quickly and begun to struggle to quickly adjust its infrastructure on the platform they had created, in an effective manner to meet the requirements.

The Journey

Monday the 8th of April 2019 marked a new landmark on our Journey — We have officially moved into our new office space in Reading. There is just something inspiring about moving into a brand-new space. Whether it’s the new desks, new chairs, new equipment, or logo on the door, but …

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