Managed Service

Our managed services comprises of DevSecOps and Cloud transformation, either as individual services to complement your existing IT infrastrcuture, or applied together. We offer a ‘full service’ approach and ensure our expertise is applied to all aspects of your business transformation. By reviewing your business needs, our dedicated team will identify any issues and bring a solution to you

What does a full managed service project mean?

By opting for our complete managed services, we can remove the burden of maintaining and monitoring of your existing environments, as our team of experienced specialists will confidently look and maintain your infrastructure whether it’s on prem or in the cloud.


Price per user

Experienced team


Supports users as well as systems

Peace of mind

Free up your time

A Fintech company had gained success very quickly and begun to struggle to quickly adjust its infrastructure on the platform they had created, in an effective manner to meet the requirements.

Deployflow partnering with nubeGo leading AWS training provider

At Deployflow we are a strong believer that if you want to walk fast walk alone, but if you want to walk far walk together. That’s why it’s extremely important for us to partner with the right organisations in order to enable our clients to get the best service.That’s …

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